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Distractions and Motivations

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 3, 2009, 5:07 AM
There are a few things that inhibit me from updating blogs, websites and DA itself. Usually work, travel...and the sims 2. My hours have been cut back significantly and I have on average 3 days off in a row. I'm also done for traveling around as much as I usually do. What I don't have though is any motivation. Being that I am an ex-gymnast, giving myself a kick up the ass is probably physically possible, but I don't know if it will actually work. I'm not sure what I get out of it all anymore. :|

P.s, if anyone has 'Enchanted Folk' for the DS, friend code please. :)

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Rowena Thinks...

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 15, 2009, 9:06 AM
Abandoning a website is much like leaving a bike lent up against a creeper infested gate in the garden; Just when you think you may have a use for it once again, you go outside only to find it's been taken hostage by carnivorous plants, invading insects and rust. In a vain attempt to salvage what you can, you try clean away all the rubbish and restore it to it's former usability. You succeed only to find you didn't like what was there all along, lean it gently back up against the gate, and begrudgingly invest in a new one.

My analogies blow.

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Rowena Would Like...

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 9, 2009, 5:53 AM
...a nice long holiday. But is settling for a 3 day trip to Italy in April. Booking holidays is hard, as is filling in passport forms. First holiday since the age of 8 though so, I think I deserve it. Happiness.

Oh, and I was stumped with those pictures, so I stuck with the Degas prints; not black and white, but they still look pretty nice on the wall.

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Anyone for the Ballet?

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 29, 2008, 4:53 PM
I'm looking for some prints to go in my room.

10x8, 5x7 & 4x6 - one of each.

I've tried local shops and online, but I can't find anything close to what I want.

I'm looking for ballerinas mainly. Black and white, photo or traditional art - doesn't matter. I have some Degas prints already but seen as my room is very monochrome as it is, I feel they'd look rather out of place. I have some ideas in my wish list, *pokes the scroll bar*, down there look. But nothing's really shouting out at me.

Failing that, anything artsy fartsy with maybe a hint of macabre will do just fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated by way of leftover birthday cake.

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Rowena Is...

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 26, 2008, 9:16 AM
...having a rather slow birthday.

someone come and liven it up please.

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  • Reading: Eclipse
  • Eating: Flu Drugs
...rather sit indoors with her book than go out for her birthday party tonight. Is that so wrong?
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...poking Santa in the eye.
In true fashion, birthdays have taken backseats to christmas.
Maybe i should blame my mother for this one.
I'm also pretty ill at the moment and have no idea what's going on in my head.
I feel so rushed at this time of year.

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  • Reading: Some book on contempory illustration for uni
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Most people have added me already, but if you wish to...
rowenaleanne [at]
A warning though, I wonder off alot...

I made an awesome Halloween costume consisting of a black and white wedding ensemble complete with a dead rose bouquet, bloody knife in garter belt, and a severed hand with a wedding ring on, sticking out of my wedding purse. Went to a huge Halloween party, got rather trollied and fell on my bum once or twice; costume shoes have no traction...Hope yours was better than mine!

(p.s, feeling less 'explosive' this week...)
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3 days at college per week.
4 days at work per week.
2 projects.
1 essay.
no time.
Struggling to cope with ridiculous workload.
Never seem to have a day off.
Social life has dissipated.
Head implosion imminent.

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Some silly little inbred got onto my site and deleted everything, so don't bother going there for the next week or so. Since they also decided to change my passwords...I wont be able to put anything new up, despite everything being ever-so-nearly finished. I do find it moderately amusing that, looking at the source page, these so called 'elite' hackers use Microsoft frontpage 2004 to do their hacking. Excuse my while I LOL my way to Macdonald's and have a LOLburger with LOLfries on the side.
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...what is it with people using this site as a social networking site these days posting oddly-angled, mirror photos and sticking them in the portraits section. Get a f**king clue and get off DA.

Rant over.

(p.s i'm not dead, i've just grown tired of online life!)
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Stupid ad's...I hate being too poor to afford subscriptions!

I have been a busy bee though. Namely mastering my graphics tab at last. I'll be uploading the finished product as soon as I finish the teapot...(with the exception of one person on DA, you won't know what I mean...:P )

Oh well

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 30, 2008, 9:54 AM
  • Listening to: The Edward Scissorhands Soundtrack
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  • Watching: Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (what a film...)
  • Playing: James Pond!
  • Eating: Pink wafer biccies...mmm..
  • Drinking: My 13th cup of tea of the day
The gig was canceled in the end. a fair few days before actually, I don't know why we didn't check really! We had a nice time though; spend the evening shopping for things we couldn't afford till about 9 (I still find it weird everything is open so late in central...) then had pizza and coffee in an open air restaurant in Covent Garden whilst listening to a busker dude playing some surprisingly good guitar music, including a spiffingly sung rendition of 'Imagine'. All in all it was quite a lovely evening, if not the one i set out for. The gig has been rescheduled for september, I just hope I remember...

I'm feeling so much more inspired and elated by everything right now, hopefully i'll upload a few new things soon...(I know i keep saying that...).

peace, love and pirates. x

Off I go...

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2008, 4:21 AM
  • Listening to: Armor For Sleep
  • Eating: Toast
  • Drinking: Pinapple Juice
I'm off to London today. I have a gig tonight; digitalism at the Astoria, so I guess some photo's will be following...

I got into college fine, i start september. The course tutor was quite impressed by my drawing work - stuff i've never bothered to upload here because in my personal opinion, it's craptacular. I may do later on though...

scratch that...

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 10, 2008, 11:01 AM
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it's working now...stupid FTP & my host to blame! grr...

go comment


stupid, stupid wordpress...

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 9, 2008, 10:58 AM
  • Listening to: Digitalism
  • Eating: Shweeties
  • Drinking: Tea
is anyone experiencing the bug where reader's can't post comments? i can only post something when logged in. i just don't understand it...and it's driving me certifiably insane. HELP!! :(

Edit: ok it looks like it's my server playing up...files are being cut short when i upload. it seems to be on this site only, not my others...which is pretty strange given that they're all hosted by the same company. Maybe it's my FTP? Bugger...

New Blog...

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 6, 2008, 6:03 PM
  • Listening to: Leslie Feist
  • Eating: Cheese on toast...again
  • Drinking: Tea, i finally have a full set of teeth again. how marvelous?

Never Go To University

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 13, 2008, 12:47 PM
  • Watching: Harry Potter OOTP
  • Eating: Cheese on toast
  • Drinking: Tea
The SLC (student loans company) are completely jipping me out of £300 because of an overpayment mistake they made in 2006. £300 that I don't have. This is putting me off evening applying for september. I've only just managed to rectify my smile after the incident last year involving the drunken idiot which has left an equally big dent in my bank account. Not to mention the debt from my tuition fee loans etc. I never thought i'd worry about my money situation. I guess i'm following in my mother's footsteps after all.

Wish me luck for tomorrow...

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 5, 2008, 1:36 PM
  • Listening to: Tiga
  • Playing: Sims 2
  • Eating: Toast
  • Drinking: Hot coco
Gotta see a uni about a degree (Y)
I hate going to london alone,
I always get mugged...
On the bright side,
Digitalism in april.
Classy shit...

Happy Val Day Everyone...

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 14, 2008, 4:46 AM
  • Listening to: Paramore
  • Eating: Toast
  • Drinking: Tea
Hope you're all having a spiffy day (o: